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Fate of Al
10 August
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Welcome to my blog, my collection of random thoughts, musings and emotional explorations. I may not always be as eloquent as I would like to be, in fact some posts will be down right rambling nonsense, but I will always be honest and open.

In case anyone is wondering who Al Fate is, well it is a nick name of mine since my crazy days in high school. A few friends dear to me still call me Al, and that is the only name their spouses/children, know me by. So this page is also a tribute to them, a digital log of my life letting them know I am living it well.

I am part graphic designer, part admin assistant, part mom, part gaming geek, computer geek, reenactment geek, and part loyal friend!(in no particular order) I am open to meeting new friends and exploring new paths of life. Please feel free to post, add me or message me, just please be respectful and be yourself. There is only one you, so why trade that to be a copy of someone else?