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Happy Thanksgiving

I did not realize until I logged in that it had been 12 weeks since last posting. I have been using other sites Ie Facebook and Fetlife for online socializing as many of my friends are both here and there. I realized though, that includes my boss, her daughter, and several family members. In short, no freedom to really express myself with out fear of any of them reading. You know sometimes, I need a good rant about work or to say how I am feeling now and then and don't want to share all the tidbits of my life with work.

Tonight I logged on because I am feeling kind of melancholy. I was going to let it out on my page here, vent and boo hoo. . . .

Instead I decided to take my own advise and be Thankful for the things I DO have. I have awesome friends, a job that takes good care of me and that I actually like, I have the best kid on the planet and family that loves me. Even a new guy that I have been seeing for several months,still new and not sure where its going, but he makes me laugh and we have a lot of fun.

A brief update: Ted moved out in October and we never talk, just one of those things. I am still at my job, My daughter Loves going to NSA. My friend came up from Florida and we had a great time on Thursday and Friday. I may be going to Florida again for Christmas this year, but at this point I may just stay home and save money to help me get my finances in order so I can purchase the house I rent. Not much else to report, other than meeting some new friends. Well truth is there is more, but its all the negative stuff that's going on that I don't care to bitch about right at the moment. Just have to shake off the Holiday blues and all will be good!

I hope if any one is still reading me - that your Turkey Day was good (for those who celebrate it)and I hope no matter where you are, you remember what you have to be thankful for.
More soon!

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Jade had entered into the Deb Girl Model Search! I am so proud of her for trying this! Please, please go register and vote daily for her!

A Long Overdue Update

The job is going well still and I have been here for over a year now. I have been told that I "am a Rock Star" by Tony the deputy executive director here, even though he and I have out tense moments. Over all it is by far my most favorite job.

Jade has had a good summer but decided not to go visit her dad in Virginia. She spent some morning time volunteering at a summer camp that my job was doing for ESL (English as a second language) For international kids in the area. She had fun , but is getting excited about school and is glad this is the last week of camp. 6 weeks total. She also got to go to 6 Flags in KY for her friend's Birthday, his mom paid for 7 (2 are hers)kids, their lunch and dinner at Ryan's on the way home. Jade had a blast. She had been to a few other sleepovers this summer too, so she was not as bored this year as she was last year. She is gathering school supplies now and she starts high school at NSA on Aug. 14th - her orientation is on the 7th. Good Lord am I really old enough to have a daughter in high school?

On the Ted front, well I am afraid that it quickly fizzled down to just friends for both of us, but Jade and I agreed it's kinda nice having him around. So he has moved into the Attic. His daughter had a swim meet this weekend in Brentwood, his ex a brought the two kids up from Alabama. His son D. came to stay Thursday night while R. and her mom stayed in a hotel near where the meet was. His ex also gave him loan of a window a/c unit until he can afford one. There are no power out lets up there aside from the light in the ceiling but through the magic of extension cords to the plug outside, Ted was able to move his computer upstairs and get the a/c unit running until we get an electrician to install some outlets. We found one for about $48. An hour. Oh and got the job with the property management/maintenance company that manages several of the properties owned by WCO a few weeks back. Things are slowly getting better financially for both of us.

His Daughter and Ex came to stay Saturday night. I know it seems a bit odd, but she's okay and since he and I are not dating there is no reason I can see to have an issue with it. They went out to dinner, Jade went to her BF Lennon's and I had some quiet time. Sunday we were surprised by two more of Ted's and now my friends from Alabama Julia and Jen. So we had a literal house full. It was fun, chaotic but fun. We picked up some huge screens that were used for silk screen sign printing from a woman off a freebie site. We figure Jade can paint on them, and she is very excited about this. The screens went out into the "studio" aka the mother in law apartment we have out back. Then the group wanted to go to the zoo, but Jade and I decided to stay home. and have some quiet time. Every one went home shortly after. I loved seeing them all and wished I had not been running around so I could have spent more time with Julia. There is always next time.

A few other tid-bits, I have some quilt projects planned out to make some new blankets for Jade and I using up some of the fabric I have stowed, and I look forward to actually finishing setting up the studio, and getting the basement organized. I will take photos of these projects as I go.

All in all it has been a good summer , in spite of some stressful moments. I hope it will be a good fall as well.

Blaa Blaa Blaa

Sorry to those of you out there in LJ land, I have not had the urge to write lately. Things are well, Ted has found work, but he is not happy with the temp service sending him to a different location daily. He has an interview with Woodbine's property management partner on Monday as a full time maintenance position. I really hope he gets it.

Jade is hanging in there over the summer, bored missing her friends but dealing. She has decided to volunteer at the free summer ESL camp Woodbine is putting on starting Monday. Its a great program to help kids age 6-18 improve and retain their english skills over the summer months. Sad thing is we only have 11 kids, not the 40 we have a budget for, ah well maybe we will figure out what we did wrong and do better next year.

I am ready for a serious Vacation. Been doing well though, have only called out one time in the year that I have been here so far, and that was back in November with a killer migraine. Truth is, I love my job, have no complaints, but so much of my life lately is Woodbine Community Organization that I could scream! I work here, rent a house from here, daughter is volunteering at one of our programs and Ted may work for a partner company, and got the interview because of my executive boss Cathie. Like I said I am extremely grateful - just experiencing WCO overload.

So to that end I am taking a week off of work starting the 29th. I am not going any where as my vacation travel plans have fallen through, and well I am just broke! but it will be good to sleep in and recharge, maybe do some things around the house, projects that have been put off.

I wonder what to have for dinner tonight. . . Smiles!

Geekery: Road Trips and Role Playing Games

We had another great weekend in Alabama. This past Saturday we drove down and spent time with his kids at a state park. Jade went with us this time, and got along very well with the two of them. There was much giggling between Jade and his daughter and enough in common with his son  who is just a few months younger than Jade to make the morning and afternoon full of good natured teasing. I will need to get Teds permission to post pics with his two in them before posting. That they all get along so well is a good thing, one less thing to worry about as far as our relationship goes.

We spent the rest of the day at Sean and Carinn's gaming. The Shaintar  (pronounced Shine-tar) game system is a lot of fun. This is Sean's creation and you can read about it here: www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/13/13763.phtml Teds big epic character bit the dust in an epic way, as his characters are apt to do, but by doing so he saved the rest of us. This gaming group has gotten rather large, and mixed with older and more powerful characters as well as some very new ones like mine. My warrior priestess has much potential though. There is talk of splitting into two groups. it will be interesting to see what happens with that. I personally am going to purchase the system books and/ or down load the PDF files and introduce it to Nashville.  That is my goal any way.

In the mean time, I am deciding to continue with the Friday Mage group or not. They have become very good friends, but it has become difficult for me to want to game with them. I will figure it out soon. Ted is putting a Scion game together for Nancee, Houston, jade if she is interested and myself at the house. I am looking forward to this. www.white-wolf.com/Scion/index.php

Sunday was Bloat at Julia's. Good turn out and discussion. I always feel very relaxed and inspired to do good and try harder to be a good person after these meetings. Jade was a little bored through the meeting and the game, so I am not sure if she will be joining us next time or not. For that matter, I am not sure when the next trip will be as gas money is sparse.

Not much else going on otherwise. Jade is enjoying her summer , but trying not to be too bored. Ted is still busting butt looking for work, but is very close. A company is running his back ground check right now and should get back to him tomorrow, Monday at the latest. We are getting along well, finding our groove as it were.

He brought more of his things back with us this weekend too. So we are shuffling things to make room and to help make it feel like his home as well, not just him living in my house.  I am still very happy, and have to confess that sometimes, I just look at him and grin in delight. Not sure if he notices, don't really care!


Talent Show

This morning I was able to take off work and go watch Jade at her middle school talent show. I was and am A proud Mama! She did great! You can see she was very nervous, but she got through her first solo stage performance, just fine.It was not a competition, simply a showcase of 19 very talented kids. 

Here is the video I took with my digital camera, while wishing I still had my video cam.


Only Two Weeks?

LJ status shows it has been two weeks since my last entry, it feels far longer. So much had gone on, time to get up to speed. I will attempt to keep it brief. . . Ha ha ha ha

First off,  I mentioned that I had met Ted in my last post. Well after talking nearly every day for a week on the phone for hours at a time,(discovering this is amazing in itself as he hates talking by phone!) he decided it was his turn to come see me. So, on Tuesday May 5 he rode up to visit me on his motorcycle. Things went very well.  Thursday, he volunteered to help move a bunch of donated office furniture from it's location to my work, and came back the next day to help put it all together. Three trips in total. I got a new desk out of the deal!

We had planned for him to stay through Saturday and then caravan back down to Eva for the gaming session and things there, and that he would stay there. The universe had other plans. He went to take Jade for a spin around the block Thursday of that week and the bike would not start. So after some discussion, we decided,  well, that he should move in. So he did.

Now that I have your attention. . . Collapse )

Well so much for brevity, but that is everything so far. I am happy, I feel content, which is something I have not felt in forever.


Thoughts for Tuesday

It has been a good couple of weeks, and busy ones as well.  I am  completely distracted here at the office because the Seniors are watching Marley and Me on the screen and have the sound blasting through an amp. Excellent  time to catch up on the journal.

I have become involved in the planning committee for the Hands Together in  Flatrock  - Arts & Music Festival. WCO will have a table there, I have been putting together a new brochure on the services WCO provides. For the fun of it,  Jade and I are considering having an artists table there showing off her paintings and some of my graphic illustrations. We need to make up our minds this week. Jade is also going to be doing some face painting. What this means at the moment is that I am committed to meetings every other week, then every week as it gets closer. Any one in the area is welcome ot com out and see us.  Link to the Festival info

This past weekend I finally made the two hour trip trek to Eva, AL to visit seanpatfannon and miari. It turned out to be what I am calling an Epic Weekend. I arrived just after midnight on Friday and stayed until 3pm Sunday. I was introduced to their roommate Ted and spent much time getting to know him  while he was cooking a small ton of lefsa - a Norwegian potato flat bread not a potato tortilla! Evil Grin. I was also introduced to several other friends of theirs and to Sean's world in the form of Saintar - the RPG he created. It is a Savage Worlds word and much fun to play. There were about 11 of us players, who performed many an Epic feat.  My visiting there and gaming will be come a regular.

Sunday I enjoyed watching a class/ceremony held in their living room on teachings of Odin. Carinn, Ted, their friend Julia and several others participated.  I follow no specific religion, I consider my self to be spiritual and open to the ideas/ideals of others. The point of the ceremony was to give thanks,  for various things. it is something I believe strongly in, no matter what you believe in or do we should be thankful for the gifts we are given in life. So often we ask for thing after thing in our lives that we take for granted what we already have. Was a pleasure to observe. I find my self extremely comfortable there.

The Friday gaming group is going well, we are coming to a break in the Mage game, and I am thinking of doing the same. I have become really good friends with Richard and Lori and will be spending time outside of gaming with them. Also I may be hosting an after hours game at my house as well, maybe trade one for the other.

Jade is going to be entering her middle school talent show to prove that she is more than just "painter girl". She is going to sing and perform Matchbox 20's Back 2 Good on giutar, while a friend accompanies her on drums. Iam proud of her for wanting to do this. I know she wont really admit it but I know she is a little bummed about only making the waiting list for the guitar program at NSA  and this is her way of saying hey, I CAN do this!

This has become a  novel. . . better get back to work...

As Promised. . .

We are getting settled well in to our new house, not much else happening at the moment, aside form a good night of Gaming and some heavy storms passing through the area. I am really enjoying getting to know my friends Lori, Richard, Ray and Rich in the gaming group, great folks. Three other members did not show up , but in my opinion that helped things to move along smothly and at a faster pace. All funthough no atter how many are there.

I was reminded by </b></a>louc1 that I had not posted any of the photos that my daughter Jade took when we visited the Opryland hotel here in Nashville last month. (Thanks Girl!) Mind you this place is ENORMOUS! We were there for about  30 minutes and just went to the area in the center of the hotel and convention area called Riverwalk. This is all in doors under a domed glass/greenhouse roof. The area is full of foliage, flowers and surprises. The guest room terraces overlook it all. There are shops and restaurants in the center. It is, even with the photos, very hard to describe this place, so I will include a link to the hotel site. We left and felt like we had been on a mini holiday, and plan on going back any more times. I hope you enjoy her photos. Oh, Happy Easter everyone!

As always click the image to go to the gallery and see more pics.


Part of Riverwalk

Hope you enjoyed your Fools Day!

Mine was pretty tame. Came across only a few pranks, and none directed at me. YAY!

I am moved into the house across the street from work on Saturday, and cleaned out the apartment on Sunday. So far we have all of the big furniture in place, beds, cable and computers set up. Now its just unpacking, which we are doing some every day. Last night we dug out much of the kitchen so we can finally cook. I can't tell you hoe much money we wasted on not being able to cook at home for 5 days. Jade calls it the twilight zone house because the main bedrooms and living room are smaller, the kitchen is huge, then you add the storage of the attic the basement and the apartment in the back and suddenly everything fits somewhere.

For the moment we are renting it at an extremely good price, on the condition that I take the Financial Fitness as well as maybe the Homebuyers Club classes here at work to help repair my credit and become mortgage ready. Heck they are free and I was planning on taking them anyway. Down the line, when I am ready and able, I do have the option of purchasing the house, or another if I want. I like this one and REALLY would hate to move again. Its time to be settled!

Not much else going on in my world. I am taking a break from unpacking and going gaming this weekend.

I am linking the gallery of  pics of the house for my friends far away who are interested. Enjoy!


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